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Common Interview Mistakes

Kristen & Dr. Holmes (00:16:08)

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Dr. Holmes

Disclaimer: Your specific admissions interview may be different than those portrayed in the videos and you should formulate your own answers to questions. ZoomInterviews is not officially endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by medical schools or universities. Please refer to our Customer FAQs for additional information.

About The Interview

Kristen is playing the role of a traditional applicant who lets her anxiety blemish some of her interview responses. Andy is playing the role of an interviewer from the medical school faculty . This interview sample focuses on common mistakes that are made by applicants.


Kristen does a good job of using hand gestures and smiling often to convey her enthusiasm. Her answers are well-thought out.


Although her answers were clearly thought out, Kristen sounded very rehearsed at times. While Kristen has good substance to share in her answers, her delivery is flawed. She often looks down in front of her or around the room as if she’s searching for “lines.” She also uses the filler word “uhhhh” much too often. Also, her answers go on for much too long. Although this candidate has a lot to share, the interview is not a time for a monologue and soliloquy. Kristen needs to have confidence that her character and life experiences will come out candidly throughout the interview, as opposed to forcing as many resume nuggets as possible into every answer.