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Interview with the admissions committee

Ed & Dr. Steinhart (00:24:19)

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Dr. Steinhart

Disclaimer: Your specific admissions interview may be different than those portrayed in the videos and you should formulate your own answers to questions. ZoomInterviews is not officially endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by medical schools or universities. Please refer to our Customer FAQs for additional information.

About The Interview

Ed is a non-traditional applicant being interviewed by Ray, who is playing the role of an admissions committee member.


Ed did a fantastic job of being professional and coming across and self-assured and knowledgeable. He cited several examples of professional skills that he acquired and his international experience, both of which make him an attractive applicant.


Ed could have structured his answers better in order to make his point more succinct. On the same note, Ed had a tendency to summarize his answers. If answers are kept to 2 minutes in length or if they are coherent stories, no summary is necessary.