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Interview with a faculty member (II)

Dany & Dr. Johnson (00:31:55)

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Dr. Johnson

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About The Interview

Danny is a traditional applicant being interviewed by Dr. David Johnson, a young physician faculty member.


Danny brought enthusiasm, presence of mind, confidence and humility to the interview. He does an excellent job of walking the interviewer through his resume and highlighting the core values that he holds. The interviewer was not the most natural and fluid with his comments, but Danny does a great job of keeping the conversation comfortable and engaging.


A couple of times Danny seemed to be caught off guard by certain questions, although he managed to keep his composure. He needs to think harder about the more difficult questions (for instance his weaknesses and his challenges in becoming a physician). In terms of style, Danny should use the words “kinda” and “I think” sparingly and replace them with stronger adjectives whenever possible.