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Interview with a Medical Student (I)

Chris & Matt (00:14:28)

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Disclaimer: Your specific admissions interview may be different than those portrayed in the videos and you should formulate your own answers to questions. ZoomInterviews is not officially endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by medical schools or universities. Please refer to our Customer FAQs for additional information.

About The Interview

Matt is playing the role of a traditional applicant. Chris, the interviewer, is playing the role of a upperclassman medical student.


Matt did a great job of being at ease with the interviewer, especially while sharing a detailed, personal story. He demonstrated understanding of why he wanted to get an MD and why he wanted to attend this particular institution. Matt built great rapport with a fellow student interviewer, which is more than half the battle.


Matt could have provided more details on his abilities, citing relevant examples in the professional realm. Matt’s own questions about the school were relatively vague.