Zoom Method of Interview Preparation

About the Zoom Method

The Zoom Method is a program specifically designed to guide you through the critical steps needed to be fully ready for the admissions interview. By going through the program you will be able to efficiently put together your 'story' in a compelling way that highlights your unique qualities as an applicant, your career focus, and your strong fit with a school.

The steps to the Zoom Method are:

Step 1: Plan for Your MBA Career
Step 2: Research Your Target Schools
Step 3: Build Your Brand
Step 4: Prepare for the Interview
Step 5: Review Your Interview Performance

Purpose of the Admissions Interview

In order to prepare effectively for your admissions interview, it is important to understand that the interview serves several different purposes for both the applicant and a school's admissions committee. Once you understand what the purpose is for both parties, you can then start to effectively prepare to best represent yourself to the school and consider the specific objectives you want to achieve through the interview.

For the applicant:

  • The admissions interview allows the applicant the opportunity to further reaffirm his/her fit with the school and unique selling points stated in the application and essays, as well as alleviate any concerns the admissions committee may have about his/her candidacy.
  • The admissions interview is critical, particularly for top schools, where all applicants will have very strong credentials. This makes the interview one of the few areas to truly set yourself apart from others applying to the same school.
  • Finally, the interview provides the applicant a chance to gather any additional information about the school that was not uncovered during his/her school research.

For the admissions committee:

  • The admissions committee uses the interview to get the truest sense of the applicant as a person, their presence, and social skills, as well as any intangible characteristics that can only be experienced through a "live" interaction (e.g. sense of humor, maturity). It is primarily through the interview that fit is determined.
  • The admissions interview provides the school the opportunity to market itself more effectively by addressing the specific needs, wants and concerns the applicant reveals during the interview.
  • Finally, the interview helps admissions officers get a sense of whether or not an applicant will be successful in their MBA job search, based on factors such as drive, focus, interpersonal skills and past job performance.