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Dan Bauer
Founder of The MBA Exchange

Dan Bauer, founder and managing director at The MBA Exchange is sharing with applicants admissions interview tips.
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" ZoomInterviews is such a useful tool because it demystifies the interviewing process and allows a prospective applicant the opportunity to be inside the interview room before they are there for real.       Karl, Harvard Business School
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Getting into MIT Sloan (10:00)

Join us on a trip to Cambridge, Massachusetts to MIT Sloan School of Management. Find out what qualities MIT Sloan looks for in candidates from Director of Admissions Rod Garcia. Meet some fellow ''Sloanies'' and learn about their experiences on campus. This guide to getting into MIT Sloan covers everything you need to know about Sloan's condensed core curriculum, international character, close-knit student body, ties to the technology industry and specialized offerings - such as the program's certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. If you have your eyes set on applying and getting into MIT Sloan, you won't want to miss this!
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Getting into NYU Stern School of Business (10:55)

MBA PodTV host Dilini Fernando takes you behind-the-scenes of NYU Stern School of Business. Learn about NYU Stern's curriculum and specializations. Meet current students and alumni. Get application tips and strategies directly from NYU Stern's Executive Director of Admissions. If you want to get into NYU Stern, you won't want to miss this!
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